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Q: What is the difference between recruitment and talent acquisition? 

A: Both are about recruitment but Talent Acquisition delves more strategically into employer branding/awareness and longer-term attraction and retention goals. The nitty-gritty of talent acquisition works well for particularly niche or in demand skills such as IT professionals. 

Q: Why is getting the right hires important? 

A: An employee thriving and fulfilled in their work will contribute to the sustainability and success of your organisation. The negative impacts of hiring the wrong person can affect team morale, client relationships, profitability and company growth. 

Q: What makes you different from an agency? 

A: The services I offer differ to those of an agency and it’s me that you’ll work with. I act as part of your team and go the extra mile to understand and promote your role and business. You get my time and attention and can partner with me on a role-by-role basis or for a set amount of time owing to a particular campaign, project or period of change. 

Q: How can you compete with the big agencies to find me the best person? 

A: : I work exclusively with business owners and hiring managers and feel there’s room for everyone. I collaborate with many well-known agencies across multiple sectors and in some cases I lead the creation and management of your preferred supplier agencies. 
I have an extensive network, a thorough process and the tools and tenacity to deliver. 

Q: What is a Strengthscope® Assessment? 

A: This is an optional service that can help you decipher who is most likely to thrive in your work. Strengths are underlying qualities that energise us and the key to strengths-based recruitment is to identify candidates whose natural energies and skills align with the energies and skills required to be the best fit for your organisation and role. 

Q: What services do you offer? 

A: I offer permanent recruitment, interim recruitment, talent acquisition/in-house recruitment consultancy support and Strengths Recruitment Assessments. Whilst I have a strong background specialising in the IT industry I have also supported clients and business partners by hiring call centre, EA support, procurement, marketing, sales and finance professionals through my talent acquisition services. 

Q: What is your favourite thing about your clients? 

A: Firstly, the people as I am a people person and enjoy building lasting relationships. I’m also a bit of a geek and take a genuine interest in how you use technology to support your business. 

Q: Where are you based? 

A: I live in Cardiff and work in both Cardiff and Bristol. I have clients UK-wide and am happy to travel and stay away for a project should it be required. 

Q: What do you charge? 

A: It depends on the services you require. 
- Permanent recruitment fees are 20% of the salary. Interim Consultants are charged at a daily rate. 
- Talent Acquisition is at an agreed daily rate. 
- Strengths Recruitment Assessment/s are individually priced depending on the volume required. 
To give you the most accurate quote, please get in touch at 

Q: What if someone you help us recruit doesn’t work out? 

A: Whilst this is extremely rare our terms will cover the eventuality and if someone leaves within the probation period for example, I will replace them free of charge. This will always depend entirely on the specific circumstances but ultimately you need the right person in the role and we partner to make that happen. 

Q: I want to work with N-Tier Selection. How do we get started? 

A: Call me or email me and I’ll be happy to help. 

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